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World News Goalkeepers | Notizie ed articoli in lingua straniera dal mondo del Portiere

responsiveresponsiveCarrellata di notizie reperite nella Rete dai vari siti tematici esteri, di particolare interesse, in lingua straniera, ed inerenti il mondo del Calcio in generale, dalla metodologia di lavoro alla curiosità. responsive

Hans Hoek - The GodFather of Goalkeeping

Frans Hoek is a legend of goalkeeping. A former coach of Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United, he has been a trusted advisor to Johan Cruyff and Louis van Gaal.

Perhaps you know him best as the man who helped come up with the idea to bring on Tim Krul for a penalty shootout for the Netherlands in their 2014 World Cup quarter-final.

Inside the game he is regarded as something of a pioneer, the man who wrote the book about goalkeeping. In his particular case, that is not a turn of phrase but a literal truth.

Hoek's thesis on goalkeeping was published when he was just 22. He was still playing in the Eredivisie for Volendam when Cruyff approached him to discuss his unique ideas. He recognised a fellow lateral thinker. Together, they shaped the future of goalkeeping.

In this wide-ranging interview, Hoek explains that journey. He discusses the resistance experienced at Manchester United and beyond, and the reasons why it does not bother him.

This is a man still willing to embrace new ideas. A coach who is ready, he insists, even if FIFA should decide to introduce a rule banning goalkeepers from using their hands.

This is the remarkable story of Frans Hoek.

Hoek’s story starts not with goalkeeping but with judo. His interest in martial arts began at the age of four, long before he had been introduced to football. That was significant because it taught the young Dutchman a very different way of goalkeeping.

"Because of judo I basically had no fear," Hoek tells Sky Sports.

"I would fall and dive in the street but I was never injured because I learned how to deal with my body when it hit the ground. For me, goalkeeping was close to judo."

By the age of 14, he was a goalkeeper in senior football. He happened to be around when the partner of the first-choice keeper went into labour. By his own admission, Hoek "could not even touch the crossbar" but his style of goalkeeping was unusual enough to impress.

"What I did looked spectacular to people because of the judo – the diving and the one-on-one situations with me not being afraid. It drew a lot of attention. People seemed to like it."

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