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How to use a child centred approach youth football

Football has seen a huge change over the last decade or so. More top-level sides are adopting a possession-based style of play and realising it’s not all about strength & speed.

But has the Football Association’s change of approach improved youth football at the grassroots level?

I still see on a regular basis long queues of children waiting for their turn or constant instructing from the sidelines from coaches and parents to ‘get rid of it’ or ‘stop trying to be Messi’.

Stop trying to be Messi?!

Are we really discouraging our young football players to not play like the best players in the world?

This is not another article bashing our volunteer coaches who are brilliant for stepping up when no one else would.

What it will discuss is how grassroots coaches can prioritise what is important in youth football and that is the player’s development.

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