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One mistake: why goalkeepers' reputations hinge on howlers

Loris Karius's failed rehab loan move only proves that goalkeepers very rarely return to their former glory

Loris Karius’s loan spell at Besiktas came to an end on Monday. Karius announced on social media that his time in Turkey was at an end, that he’d enjoyed his time at the club, but that he was heading back to Liverpool.

At which point, of course, the internet started laughing along to the footage of his many, many mistakes, and – effectively – at the long decline of his career. 

The errors are difficult to watch. Most supporters accept that goalkeeping mishaps are just a tax on playing the position, but Karius’s mistakes are of a particular grade. They’re bizarre and comedic and every time a new one appears online, it’s always slightly worse than what came before. 

He’s a player lost within the dark night of his form. Given how traumatising Karius’s experience during the 2018 Champions League final likely was, he’ll likely remain its prisoner forever. 

 The perception of a before and after with him is reductive. It’s too neat. Prior to his performance against Real Madrid, there were signs of Karius’s fragility – not so much harbingers of doom, but certainly suggestions that there were flaws within his technique and that trouble lay ahead. 
What has followed has been grimly fascinating. It also been an example of one of the great unexplored territories of the sport. The nature of goalkeeping form and its many idiosyncrasies remain impermeable to analysis in ways in which the other departments of the game don’t - and even now, in this intellectual age, the position and the forces which determined performance exist in the shadows.

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