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The Evolving Role of the Goalkeeper: Regista v.2?

Beyond the limelight of the Messi/Ronaldo duopoly, the 21st Century has seen the revolution of the Regista. Its redefined the requirements of a midfield that had – in England at least – sought combativeness and stamina at its core. In an attempt to predict and analyse another developing revolution, this article explores how this role is being extrapolated to the player between the sticks.

Let’s build from the bottom (that sentence alone might arouse possession-football aficionados). Without wishing to get caught up in the jargon that seems more suited alongside classical music than football, a Regista is essentially a Deep-Lying Playmaker.

he role of the Regista is to initiate attacking phases of play from a primarily deep position. Pirlo emerged as the archetypal Regista under Ancelotti at Milan, having been converted from a more advanced position. He was tasked with picking the ball up in space and playing balls forward into more offensive areas, no doubt being a major trigger in such commentating cliches such as, “pulling the strings”, “dictating play”, “keeping them ticking over” and “running the show”. For all my disdain of cliches, these aren’t too far from its translation – a Regista is the director of a film about creating goalscoring opportunities.

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di Luke Morenas Jones

( Fonte Goalkeeping Central )

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