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The Six Steps to a Great Goal Kick

Another common question we get asked at Keeper Portal is “How Can I Improve my Goalkicks” or “How do I take a Goal kick?” it seems a lot of goalkeepers put on the gloves and figure they don’t need to learn how to kick a ball properly ever.

However, unfortunately for them and for everyone else who struggles with their kicking a goalkeepers distribution has become one of the most important parts of the professional game.

So if you can’t kick the ball very far or accurately from the floor then now is the time to change that!

1: Mentality

If you believe you will do a bad kick, you will do a bad kick. You need to visualise a clean contact and envisage the ball reaching a ‘believable’ distance for your age and ability. Don’t imagine kicking it as far as Hart or Buffon as you will only get disheartened. Halfway is a good start. If you’re a youngster, then reaching the nearest part of the centre circle is good.

Believe you can do it and block out the shouts from your teammates and coaches. Most of them probably couldn’t hit the ball consistently with the correct technique anyway, so don’t let them intimidate you. Outfield players have a common misconception that a goal kick is easy. Watch how much some of them struggle when taking long distance free kicks in their own half.

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