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World News Goalkeepers | Notizie ed articoli in lingua straniera dal mondo del Portiere

responsiveresponsiveCarrellata di notizie reperite nella Rete dai vari siti tematici esteri, di particolare interesse, in lingua straniera, ed inerenti il mondo del Calcio in generale, dalla metodologia di lavoro alla curiosità. responsive

The Art and Evolution of Goalkeeping: what should we really be looking for ?

The goalkeeper position has evolved; we all know that. The United States' best walk us through how and why. Read more at

When goalkeepers err, muses United States men’s national team head coach Bruce Arena, “everyone knows it.” It's been so since the Freemasons' Tavern talks of 1863, and so it shall be until every aspect of the game is subject to video review. Even then, goalkeeper gaffes will stand out.

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The Problem with Goalkeeping Analysis

Print Editor, Harry Wilkinson, criticises the lack of constructive goalkeeping analysis in football punditry

Goalkeeping has always seemed to be massively misunderstood. The ‘man between the sticks’ is often portrayed as this lone wanderer, almost alien-like being that is completely separate from the other ten players on the pitch.

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Courtois credits new goalkeeper coach with key improvements in his game this season

Gianluca Spinelli, the man with the magic touch

Gianluca Spinelli, the man with the magic touch

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Lessons Learned from the Former Manchester United Assistant Coach Frans Hoek

Frans Hoek

I have had the pleasure of attending numerous seminars by a coach with an illustrious career. Frans Hoek has been an assistant of Louis Van Gaal at Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Man United and with the Netherlands National Team.

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The Millennial Manager

Hoffenheim’s Julian Nagelsmann on the club’s undefeated start, the limits of science, and the necessity of playing attractive soccer

Julian Nagelsmann makes Sean McVay look weathered, and compared to the 29-year-old German, Luke Walton might as well be Red Auerbach.

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