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World News Goalkeepers | Notizie ed articoli in lingua straniera dal mondo del Portiere

responsiveresponsiveCarrellata di notizie reperite nella Rete dai vari siti tematici esteri, di particolare interesse, in lingua straniera, ed inerenti il mondo del Calcio in generale, dalla metodologia di lavoro alla curiosità. responsive

The Art and Evolution of Goalkeeping: what should we really be looking for ?

The goalkeeper position has evolved; we all know that. The United States' best walk us through how and why. Read more at

Every goal, or nearly so, has the keeper's fingerprints all over it; or rather, they don’t, which is why the ball's in the net. Just ask any random fan 18 rows up in the south-end stands. Or most of us “experts” watching from the press box.

“When I'm in the stadium, I feel like everybody's had some sort of goalkeeping experience ...,” deadpanned Luis Robles, the New York Red Bulls' iron-man netminder. “Goalkeepers get blamed for everything. If it's a 0-0 tie, it's our fault. It comes with the position.

“This is why a lot of goalkeepers are balding.”

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di Scott French

( Fonte FourFourTwo)

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