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Lessons Learned from the Former Manchester United Assistant Coach Frans Hoek

Frans Hoek

I have had the pleasure of attending numerous seminars by a coach with an illustrious career. Frans Hoek has been an assistant of Louis Van Gaal at Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Man United and with the Netherlands National Team. He works a lot with the Goalkeepers and has helped develop Edwin van der Sar, Victor Valdes and more recently David de Gea! Having worked at the highest club level and coaching at the 2014 World Cup where Netherlands demolished Spain 5-1, it is fair to say that he is an expert in his field!

A few things straight away stand out for me at everyone of his sessions! Everyone should be active in their learning process, and whether you are a player or coach (learning) - he sets a high standard and you should always push yourself to meet it!

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